Month: May 2023

Welcome new lady members

We welcome new lady members: Ms Yasra Akhund ( LM-151) & Ms Fiza Pitafi Baluch ( LM-152). Earlier, we hv: Ms Rukhsana, Mrs Farida Memon, Dr Tahmina Mufti, Prof Sultana Vakasi, Dr Rashida Iqbal, Prof Nasreen Anwar Abro, Mrs Rafia RiazMemon, Prof Sheher Bano Kaka, Prof Shazia Shah, Prof Sakina Samo, Ms Nusrat Lashari, Fareeda …

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Brain Storming Session 6 May 2023

Sindh Vision organised a brainstorming session on 6.5.23 at Sailing club kar. The enthusiasm & commitment of the Members was appreciated as they traveled from Mehar, Lrk, Suk, Mkhas & Hyd. Kar. v well represented. گڏجاڻئ جي آخر ۾ لائيف ميمبر پروفيسر مشتاق مھر طرفان سنڌ ويزن لاء ڪيل شاعري پيش ڪئي وئي، جنھن محفل …

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