Agenda for the 2nd meeting of CEC to be held at 11.00 am on Saturday, the 26 Feb, 2022 at 205 GARNET CENTRE, opp The forum mall Clifton Karachi.

Agenda Items:

  1. To confirm the minutes of 1st meeting of CEC held on 2nd Jan , 2022 at National Sailing Club Karachi.
  2. Actions taken
  3. To recommend the GOS, for the establishment of tax free industrial zones in rural Sindh.
  4. To discuss and issue a policy statement on Govt decision of inviting foreigners to invest in Pakistan.
  5. To discuss and approve changes in LM membership form.
  6. To endorse the formation of “ Census Coordination Council“ as decided in the meeting of various Think tanks and intellectuals, in a meeting, held on 6.2.22.
  7. To discuss and decide the status and implementation of decision No. 7, taken in the CEC meeting held on 6.7.21 at Arts council Karachi about the “induction of elected President and GS as Admin“ along with incumbent Admin.
  8. To discuss and approve the opening of SV chapter of North America
  9. To discuss and approve the request for new life members.
    • Dr Mithal Vakassi (USA)
    • Dr Rashid AShah (USA)
    • Prof Dr Sakina Samo (Sewhan/ Karachi)
    • Dr Sajjad Hameed (Nawabshah)
    • Dr Manzoor Ahmed Hingoro (Dadu)
    • Dr Manthar Thebo (Mirpurkhas)
    • Farooq Ahmed Soomro. (Shikarpur)
    • Aneel kumar. (Thana Bula khan)
    • Dr Kewalram Asudani (Thana Bula Khan/ Karachi)
    • Zahid Hussain Malik (Canada)
    • Iftikhar Ali Memon, (Canada)
    • Shakil Shaikh (Canada)
    • Shahid Ali Bahrani (Canada)
    • Maqsood Ahmed Memon (Canada)
    • Irshad Ali Shaikh (Larkana)
    • Anwar Aziz Chandio (Qamber)
  10. Any other item with the approval of Chair

Dr. Ghulam Hussain Shaikh
General Secretary
Sindh Vision.