Agenda for the 4th meeting of CEC to be held on 14th:May 2022 at 4.30 pm at Sailing Club Clifton Karachi.

Agenda Items:

  1. To confirm the minutes of 3rd meeting held on 31.3.2022 at Orchard cottage Hotel Clifton Karachi.
  2. Actions taken
  3. To approve the formation of Sindh Coordination council comprised of SV, SDP, NRF, SGA, SSS, SSSF, SAS, and Resolution passed by the council regarding the agreements signed by political parties on 30.3.22 at Islamabad.
  4. To discuss the joining of 2 Life Members in a political party as main office bearers
  5. Approval of applications for LMship by:
    • Engineer Abdul Haq Memon
    • Dr Vijey Ahuja
  6. To discuss the issue of SV Admin for SV FB page
  7. To discuss the removal of Shah Hassan from LM group
  8. Any other item with the approval of chair

Dr Ghulam Hussain
General Secretary
Sindh Vision