Brain Storming Session

Sindh vision organised a brain storming session, where experts spoke on merits & demerits of “hybrid seeds” being frequently used in Sindh, acute shortage of water and its impact on agricultural economy and benefits of doing personal business by educated youth.
The President SV was in the chair and it was attended by 24 Life Members and experts. 3.6.22

List of participants:
(Life Members)
  1. Dr Mehboob shaikh
  2. Dr Gh Hussain, Aslam Baloach
  3. Sultana Vakassi
  4. Mir Afsar Din Talpur
  5. Dr Muhamad Khan Shaikh
  6. Zafarullah shaikh
  7. Memon Abdul Rashed
  8. Fateh Shaikh
  9. Dr Gul Shaikh
  10. Dr Kaleem shaikh
  11. Azizullah Memon
  12. Fareeda Tahir Memon
  13. Dr Aijaz Shaikh, Zafar Qazi
  14. Dr Ali Raza Mirjat
  15. Eng Mukhtiar Ahmed Ulro
  16. Dr Shohab Hyder
  1. Khalid Hyder Memon(ex Secy irrigation)
  2. Prof Aijaz Qureishi)
  3. Shuja Ali shaikh(SSGC)
  4. Raheel Sarwar (IT expert)
  5. Ihsan Memon (agriculture)
  6. Allah Nawaz Qabulio(ex DG, Port Qasim Authority)