Election 2021

Sindh Vision is a registered , non- political and non- religious organisation. It has a written constitution and the central Executive Committee ( CEC) is the controlling body of the organisation. Elections for CEC are held after every two years. The Election Committee conducted the elections on 25-26 Dec 2021.

A brief introduction of newly elected Central Executive Committee (CEC) of Sindh Vision ( 2022-23)

1. President
Prof Dr Mehboob Ali Shaikh
An educationist, PhD( Biology), author, a prolific writer & a social reformer
2. Vice President
Dr-Mazhar Ali Dootio, University Teacher, PhD in Computer Sc, researcher & reviewer
3 General Secretary
Dr Ghulam Hussain Shaikh
A senior dental surgeon, Ex-DG Health & a social worker
4. Joint Secretary
Muhamnad Aslam Baloch
A rtd senior Bank Executive & Abadgar
5. Finance Secretary
Shaikh Ghiasuddin Ahmed,
A senior Mechanical Engineer, & ex-chief engineer, KDA
6. Information Secretary
Prof Sultana Vakassi
A professor and an author of 10 books, a writer & a columnist
7. Member, EC
Dr Ali Gul Metlo, an ENT surgeon, businessman & a political activist
8. Member, EC
Mir Mazhar Talpur
A political activist and a Landlord
9. Member , EC
Prof Muhammad Daud Memon
Ex- Chairman Boards of Education, Larkana & Hyderabad
10. Member, EC
Madam Rafia Riaz Memon
An educationist, ex-President International Innerwheel club, Hyderabad
11. Member, EC
Sheeraz Gul Rahujo
A software engineer and a social worker.