The Introduction:


SINDH VISION – An introduction

Sindh Vision® is formed within Article 17 ( Right of Association) of constitution of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan 🇵🇰

It believes in supremacy of constitution and territorial integrity of Pakistan.

It is an inclusive organisation and do not distinguish and discriminate any citizen on the basis of cast, creed & language.

SINDH VISION is a registered THINK TANK , non- political & non- religious social organisation, works for the promotion of: Sindhi Language, Education, Health, Culture, Economic development & Poverty alleviation.

The above objectives are achieved through conferences, seminars, dialogue, philanthropy, letters to concerned  authorities, SV FB page & SV groups.

It’s head office is at Karachi.

SV has an official Joint Bank Account at ABL Karachi.

It manages a Face book page Sindh Vision & 3 other groups namely: Sindh Vision Health, Sindh Vision Education & Sindh Vision Rozgar.

( The above groups are managed by a team of dedicated moderators and an Admn.

Sindh Vision® has the following Central Executive Committee ( CEC), elected for 2 yrs:( 1.1.20-31.12.21).

1. Prof Dr. Mehboob Ali shaikh President : ( An Educationist & a Social Reformer)

2.Mr.Abdul Malik Memon
Vice President: ( Energy expert & Environmentalist )

3.Dr Muhammad khan Shaikh
General Secretary: (Ophthalmologist & Chief editor Konj Magazine),

4. Mr Aslam Baloch
Joint Secretary
( A rtd Banker & an Agriculturist).

5.  Mr Ghiyasuddin
Finance Secretary:
( Rtd Chief Engineer KDA & a philanthropist),

6. Prof Sultana Vakasi
Information Secretary
( An educationist & a writer)

Members of Managing Committee
7. Mr. Ali Mardan Rahoojo ( An ex- diplomat turned Corporate Executive)

8. Prof. Tahmina Mufti
( An educationist & writer)

9. Mir Mazhar Talpur
( Agriculturalist and Businessman),

10. Dr. Soomar Khoso
( A doctor & a social worker)

11. Mr Shamsuddin Zaunr
(A retired civil servant & social worker).
3.12.20, Karachi.