Minutes of 1st CEC meeting held at National Sailing club Karachi

Minutes of 1st CEC meeting held at National Sailing club Karachi, at 3.00 pm on 2-1-22.
The following participated :
1. Dr Mehboob Ali Shaikh, President (in chair)
2. Dr Mazhar Ali Abro , VP
3. Dr. Ghulam Hussain, GS
4. Mr Aslam Baloch, JS
5. Shaikh Ghiasuddin, FS
6. Prof Sultana Vakassi, I S
7. Adi Rafia Riaz memon member ,EC
8. Dr Ali Gul Metlo, member EC
9. Prof M Daud memon , member EC
10. Mr Sheraz Gul Rahoojo member , EC

At the outset, the President, welcomed the participants and requested GS to present Agenda items:

Item No 1
To confirm minutes of last meeting held on 9.12 .21
Decision: Confirmed

Item No 2
Actions taken on the decisions
Decision: The President informed the participants about the actions taken

Item No 3
Election of new CEC :
The holding of Free and fair elections conducted by the Election Committee , as per provisions of the constitution were unanimously appreciated. It was further decided that the EC will continue to work for a period of 2 years. Nevertheless, the EC will take necessary measures to simplify the procedure, so that results are announced without any delay

Item No 4 :
Violation of the code of Conduct.
(I)The conduct of Mr Nizam shaikh (LM) during last 2 years was discussed in detail . The motion to remove him from LM group was presented for voting and passed with 9 votes in favour and 1 abstained.
He was found intentionally spoiling the atmosphere of the group and maligning EC. The members showed their unrest and deep concern over the unnecessary objections put by him regularly.
Accordingly, he is blocked till he improves his attitude & behaviour.
One unparliamentary word was used by FS during lengthy discussion on 27.12.21 about delay in the results . He is warned to be careful in future, , otherwise, he will be either blocked or removed from the Group .
(iii) Henceforth, code of conduct will be implemented in Letter & Spirit

Item No . 5
Any other item with the approval of the chair .
(A)Dr G Hussain pointed out the shortage of funds for the purchase of office .
It was decided to approach the philanthropists and well wishers of SV.
Adi Sultana Vaqqasi suggested the name of Dr MITHAL Vaqqasi at USA and offered her services for the purpose .
(B)Mr Aslam Baloach, JS , placed the concern of Mr Ahmer Nadeem Memon, regarding recounting.
It was decided to nominate Dr Metlo to act as “Ameen “ so that matter is amicably settled on Merit. (C). The President proposed to establish “ Karachi chapter of SV” and Mir Afsar Talpur as the convenor . Decision: approved.
(D) FS proposed the following names for approval as LMs:
(I) Mr Ahsanullah
Memon ( USA)
(ii)Mr Abdul Ghafoor Shaikh (Canada)
(iii)Mr. Mukhtiar Ahmed Ulro (Karachi).
Decision: Approved

The Meeting concluded with a vote of thanks to and from the President

Dr GhulamHussain Shaikh
General Secretary
Sindh Vision
Dt 2.1.22