Minutes of 2nd meeting of CEC

Minutes of 2nd meeting of CEC, held at 205- Garnet Center, Clifton, Karachi, on Saturday, the 26th Feb 2022

The following participated :
1. Dr Mehboob Shaikh (in chair)
2. Dr Ghulam Hussain
3. M .Aslam Baloch
4. Shaikh Ghiasuddin
5. Prof Sultana Vaqqasi
6. Dr . Ali Gul Metlo
7. Prof Daud Memön
8. Sheeraz Gul

At the outset, the President welcomed the participants and requested GS to present agenda items.

To confirm the minutes of last meeting held on 2-1-22 .
Decision. Minutes Confirmed except one word “abstained “, which may be read as “opposed “ in item no 4 (line 3)

Actions taken on decisions .
The General Secretary informed the participants about the actions taken.
Item no 5 (A) & 5 (C) are pending

Development of industries in the Rural areas of Sindh .
The GoS may facilitate the establishment of industries in the “industrial areas “ of various districts. It was also opined that the GoS may fully activate & upgrade existing technical institutes/ colleges, so that the skilled labour / technicians in various fields are available for the existing industrial units in the province..

This item was dropped, as the policy of GoS is still awaited

To approve some minor changes in LM form .
Decision: It was decided to delete column 3, convert column 10 as Professional address , columns 11 & 12 be merged, columns 17,18 and 19 be deleted.

To endorse the formation of “ Census Coordination Council” with President SV as convenor , in a meeting of think tanks and intellectuals held on 6-2-22
Decision: Unanimously approved

Implementation of decision No 7 in the CEC meeting of 6-7-21 at Arts Council of Karachi about the “induction of elected President and GS “as Admn along with the Incumbent Admn .
Decision: After a threadbare discussion, the Gen Secretary was authorised to talk with the incumbent Admn of SV Face Book page for implementation of the decision taken on 6.7.21

To discuss and approve the opening of SV Chapter of North America
Decision: Approved

To discuss and approve the MoU signed between SV and SLCIT (Shah Latif Cultural institute of Texas) at University of Houston Community College at Houston USA.
Decision : Approved . The President was authorised to sign the MoU on behalf of SV.

To approve the applications for new Life members
Decision :
Applications of following persons were approved as LMs.
1.Dr Mithal Vaqqasi (USA)
2. Dr Rashid A Shah (USA)
3. Prof Dr Sakina Samo (Sewhan/Karachi)
4. Dr Sajjad Hameed (Nawab shah )
5. Dr Manzoor Ahmed Hingoro (Dadu )
6. Dr Manthar Thebo (Mirpurkhas)
7. Ghulam Farooq Soomro (Shikarpur)
8. Aneel kumar (Thano Bola khan)
9. Dr Kewal Ram Asudani (Thano Bola khan / Karachi)
10. Zahid Hussain Malik (Canada)
11. Iftikhar Ali Memon (Canada)
12. Shakil Shaikh (Canada)
13. Shahid Ali Bahrani (Canada)
14. Maqsood Ahmed Memon (Canada)
15. Irshad Ali shaikh (Larkana)
16. Anwer Aziz Chandio (Qamber/Lahore)
17. Dr M Waqas Soomro (Shikarpur)
18. Salman Ahmed Soomro (Karachi)
19. Nazir Ahmed Shaikh (Hyderabad)
20.Faheem Zaman Memon (USA)
21. Nusrat Lashari (USA)
22.Kewal Ram (USA)
23.Fareeda Tahir Memon (Karachi)

ITEM No 11
With the permission of Chair the following items were discussed and approved .
(i) Shaikh Ghiasuddin questioned the necessity of “ the patrons council “ in the constitution. The President informed the participants about the status in the constitution. Dr Ali Gul Metlo opined that the constitution needs immediate attention being a very complex document. After a threadbare discussion, the members agreed wd the suggestion of Dr Ali Gul Metlo to re- write the constitution for smooth running of SV. The President was requested for this assignment
( ii) Aslam Baloach proposed to to form a Youth council under SV.
(iii) Shaikh Ghiasuddin pointed out to the rise in price of properties & suggested an immediate action . The members agreed with him and requested GS, JS, FS ,& IS to search a suitable place as office .
( iv) Aslam Baloach proposed to admit some eminent persons as Honorary non voting Members. The proposal was agreed in principle.
Meeting Concluded with the Vote of thanks to and from the President .

Dr Ghulam Hussain Shaikh
General Secretary
Sindh Vision
Date 26-2-22