The first meeting of the Executive Council of Sindh Vision North America was virtually held on April 7, 2022.

All the newly elected executive council members attended the meeting:

  1. Mashhood Qazi
  2. Asad Shaikh
  3. Shakeel Shaikh
  4. Akash Kewal Ram
  5. Nusrat Lashari
  6. Iftikhar Memon
  7. Mazhar Shaikh
  8. Max Memon
  9. Shahid Behrani
  10. Faheem Memon

The President Mashhood Qazi welcomed all the participants and briefed them about the vision behind establishing this chapter. All members showed their full commitments towards the active working of the chapter. The president and the general secretary of the chapter also thanked president of SV Mehboob Shaikh, general secretary Ghulam Hussain Shaikh and the election committee for democratic and transparent conduct of the chapter elections.

A two-year action plan was discussed at the meeting and unanimously approved by all the participants. The salient features of the action plan are:

  • Increase SV Membership/Footprint in North America
  • Advocacy/Lobbying Initiatives (Language, Culture, and Community Social Services at local level as well as Sindh level)
  • Partnership with like minded Organizations
  • Active Engagement with various Media and Social Media Networks
  • Organize Virtual Conferences/Seminars on the topics concerning Sindh
  • Professional Development/Support for Sindhi Youth
  • Educational Enablement through merit scholarships to needy students and establishment of computer labs in eligible schools

The executive committee member Ms. Nusrat Lashari was appointed as the Media Coordinator for the chapter and entrusted a role to coordinate and publicize chapter activities on print and electronic media.

Mazhar Shaikh, Asad Shaikh and Mashhood Qazi announced merit scholarships during the meeting as per an item of the action plan.

It was emphasized in the meeting that a focused local membership will be offered to North Americans who can provide intellectual input for the cause for which this chapter is established. The local membership for the chapter in the first year will be granted free of cost after the approval of the chapter’s executive council. However, the life membership of Sindh Vision shall be paid as per approved amount of PKR 10,000 and after approval of the CEC of Sindh Vision.

The members offered Fathia at the sad departure of adi Irshad Abbasi, a long-time community activist, and prayed for the fast recovery of saeen Ali Nawaz Memon, another long-time social activist of Sindh cause.

It was also decided that a WhatsApp group of all North American members will be created for continued communication with the member base.

The meeting ended with a vote of thanks by the general secretary Asad Shaikh. The next meeting will be held in the month of May 2022.