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Press Statement

The Sindh Coordination Council representatives, Sindh Vision ( SV) , National Reformers Forum ( NRF), Servants of Sindh society ( SSS), Sindh Graduates Association ( SGA), Sindh Democratic Forum ( SDF), Sindh Social Scientists Forum ( SSSF) and  Sindhi Adabi Sangat ( SAS) held a meeting on 20th April, 2022, in Karachi. After a threadbare discussion, issued the following statement.

The two Agreements signed between PPP/ MQM( P) and PML (N)/ MQM( P) on 30.3.1922 at Islamabad, violate the constitution, the rule of law, the 1940 Pakistsn Resolution and Universal Declaration of Human Rights.        The Federal Govt’s expected support for the projects like circular  railway, K-IV water pipeline, coastal areas development, uninterrupted supply of gas and electricity and establishment of some public sector universities mentioned in these agreements are just peanuts as compared to the tax collected from the province of Sindh . Majority of clauses of these agreements are based on hatred against the native Sindhis. So much so PPP and MQM have agreed to divide Sindh like a cake, distributing jobs, administrative posts and development funds among themselves.

Unfortunately,  the two agreements , directly and indirectly have recognised the MQM( P) as the sole representative party of urban Sindh, totally ignoring the majority of the people( 60%) speaking other languages, having different cultures and living here since many years. The fact is that , MQM represents some constituencies mainly in Karachi and Hyderabad. The constitution of Pakistan only gives mandate to the majority party or the alliance of two or more parties proving majority in the assembly.

The citizens of Sindh have not forgotten that in the NRO given by Mushraf regime caused the withdrawal of hundreds of cases against the criminals bypassing the laws of the land and courts . The so called “charter of rights “ has provided the material base to paralyze the political, administrative, economic and social system in Sindh. PML (N) in clause 17 of the agreement has pledged to divide Sindh in the name of creating  administrative units in the country. The people of Sindh are of the firm opinion that special privileges and power to an ethnic party which represents only 18 percent of the total population of Sindh will control politics, economics and social life of the citizen of Sindh. Under clause (10), PML  (N) has violated the constitution and Laws by pledging the withdrawal of cases against  the criminals , intentionally ignoring the laid down procedure of courts. In the name of the autonomous local body system, MQM wants province within the province of Sindh ( like state within state). We feel that, in the name of “local policing “ , the workers of a particular ethnic party will be inducted, who will control the entire police system of Karachi and Hyderabad. We should not forget that after huge loss of life and property, conflicts within various nationalities have subsidized and peace has returned to Karachi and other urban areas. We are of the firm opinion that these two agreements,  if implemented, will again flare-up hatred and conflicts in major cities, damaging the governance and economic development of Sindh.

We the following representatives of the civil society  condemn these agreements and demand from PPP and PML (N), being federal political parties to withdraw from these agreements and allow the constitution and the rule of law to provide fairness, rights and natural justice to every legitimate citizen living in Sindh.

1.Dr Mehboob Shaikh, President (in chair)
2. Prof Mushtaq Mirani , president SDF
3. Ishaq Soomro, Secretary ( SSSF)
4. Wali Muhamad Roshan, GS, ( SGA)
5. Prof Taj joyo, Gen Secretary ( SAS)
6. Prof Aijaz A Qureishi ( SSS) & General Secretary of Sindh Coordination Council.

Minutes of 1st CEC meeting held at National Sailing club Karachi, at 3.00 pm on 2-1-22.

The following participated:

  1. Dr Mehboob Ali Shaikh, President (in chair)
  2. Dr Mazhar Ali  Abro , VP
  3. Dr. Ghulam Hussain,   GS
  4. Mr Aslam Baloch,   JS
  5. Shaikh Ghiasuddin, FS
  6. Prof Sultana Vakassi, IS
  7. Adi Rafia Riaz memon, Member EC
  8. Dr Ali Gul Metlo, Member EC
  9. Prof M Daud memon, Member EC
  10. Mr Sheraz Gul Rahoojo, Member EC

At the outset, the President, welcomed the participants and requested GS to present Agenda items:

Item No. 1

To confirm minutes of last meeting held on 9.12 .21

Decision: Confirmed

Item No. 2

Actions taken on the decisions

Decision: The President informed the participants about the actions taken

Item No. 3

Election of new CEC

Decision: The holding of Free and fair elections conducted by the Election Committee , as per provisions of the constitution were unanimously appreciated. It was further decided that the EC will continue to work for a period of 2 years. Nevertheless, the EC will take necessary measures to simplify the procedure, so that results are announced without any delay

Item No. 4

Violation of the code of Conduct.

Decision: (I) The conduct of Mr Nizam shaikh (LM) during last 2 years was discussed in detail . The motion to remove him from LM group was presented for voting and  passed with 9 votes in favour and 1 abstained. He was found intentionally spoiling the atmosphere of the group and maligning EC. The members showed their unrest and deep concern over the unnecessary objections put by him regularly. Accordingly, he is blocked till he improves his attitude & behaviour.

(II) One unparliamentary word was used by FS during lengthy discussion on 27.12.21 about delay in the results . He is warned to be careful in future, , otherwise, he will be either blocked or removed from the Group .

(III) Henceforth, code of conduct will be implemented in Letter & Spirit

Item No . 5

Any other item with the approval of the chair.

(A) Dr G Hussain pointed out the shortage of funds for the purchase of office .

Decision: It was decided to approach the philanthropists and well wishers of SV. Adi Sultana Vaqqasi suggested the name of Dr MITHAL Vaqqasi at USA and offered her services for the purpose .

(B) Mr Aslam Baloach, JS , placed the concern of Mr Ahmer Nadeem Memon, regarding recounting.

Decision: It was decided to nominate Dr Metlo to act as “Ameen “ so that matter is amicably settled on Merit.

(C). The President proposed to establish “ Karachi chapter  of SV” and Mir Afsar Talpur as the convenor .

Decision: approved.

(D) FS proposed the following names for approval as LMs:

(i) Mr Ahsanullah Memon ( USA)

(ii) Mr Abdul Ghafoor   Shaikh (Canada)

(iii) Mr. Mukhtiar Ahmed Ulro (Karachi).

Decision: Approved

The Meeting concluded with a vote of thanks to and from the President

Dr Ghulam Hussain Shaikh
General Secretary, Sindh Vision

Dt 2.1.22

Minutes of Meeting:
The 9th meeting of CEC of SV, was held on 20.5.21 at 602-Metro Suits, Civil Lines, Karachi. The following attended:
1. Dr Mehboob Ali Shaikh, President ( in chair)
2. DrMuhammad Khan Shaikh, GS
3. Muhamnad Aslam Baloch, JS
4. Shaikh Ghiasuddin Ahmed , FS
5. Adi Sultana Vakassi, IS
6. Mir Mazhar Talpur, Member, EC (Eng AMalik, memon & Soomar Khoso requested for leave).
The meeting started with the recitation of a verse from Holy Quran, Than the President welcomed the participants and requested the GS to take up the items of Agenda:
1: To confirm the minutes of 8th meeting of CEC held at Arts Council, Karachi on25.3.21 Decision: Confirmed Item No
2: To discuss & approve the actions taken Decision: The President briefed the participants about the actions taken, which were unanimously approved
3: To complete the amendments in the constitution of SV Decision: Chapter 3: Elections, Article 4/- Election Commissioner / Election Committee After a threadbare discussion, following amendment was incorporated in the above article: (i) The Election Commissioner & two Members of Election Committee will be appointed by the CEC either unanimously or by a 2/3 majority. (ii) Members of the Family of the Election Commissioner or Election Committee Members will not be eligible to contest Elections for any post in CEC.
4: To discuss the update about the Book on virtual conference, organised by SV on 27.2.21 Decision: The President informed that the Book has been finalised & the manuscript has been handed over to Dr Mazhar Dootio for getting quotations from publishers. It was decided in principle that SV will pay for the editing, proof reading & printing of the book
5: To discuss the position of funds collected for the purchase of office
Decision: The FS briefed about the position, which was not satisfactory at all. After listening the status, donations of 5 lacs were announced during the meeting. Any other item with the approval of President Mr Aslam Baloch stated that some important matters related to the province of Sindh are disturbing & SV must play its role . Decision: After discussing in detail, it was unanimously resolved that “ SV wl participate in the conferences/ dialogues/ meetings being organised by various Socio- Political parties and Groups. Initially 2 senior members of CEC namely Mr Aslam Baloach & Mir Mazhar Talpur will represent SV . Later on, if need arises, more members can be added in the delegation. While participating , the SV will maintain its neutrality and non- political character as per constitution. After every meeting, the SV delegation will report to the CEC. The meeting ended with a vote of thanks to and from the President. All members thanked GS for hosting the meeting at his residence. Dr Muhamnad Khan Shaikh Gen Secy, Sindh Vision 20.5.21

واڪا ڪرڻ مون وس، ٻڌڻ ڪم ٻاروچن جو 🙏🏽:
✅سنڌ ویزن جی منتخب ڪیل ، نئین قیادت، پھرین ڏینھن کان ، سنڌ جی اھم ترین مسائل تی، تفصیلی غور ڪری ، وفاقی حڪومت ۽ سنڌ حڪومت کی تفصیلی خط لکی آگاھ ڪندی رھی آھی۔
اوھان سڀنی جی آگاھئ لاء موڪلیل خطن جا تفصیل ڏیون ٿا:
So far, we hv sent following 5 Letters:
A: Federal Govt.
1. Uniform Curriculum: Mother Tongue as medium of instructions & Sindhi as a National Language. dated 30.1.20
2. Provincial/ Regional Quota .dated 16.3.20
B: Govt of Sindh
1. Oil & Gas Companies and Corporate Sector Social Responsibility ( CSR). dt 10.1.20
2. New Scheme of Studies & increase in number of Subjects & Marks at 9th-10th level: dated 12.2.20
3. College Faculty: Issues, Causes & Solutions.dt 5.3.20
سنڌ ویزن ، اوھان جی پنھنجی آھی، جیڪو ب اجتماعی مسئلو ، اسان جی سامھون اچی ٿو، ان کی ایم سی (MC) ۾ آڻی، سوچی سمجھی ، فیصلو ڪیون ٿا ۔
مھربانی (ڊا ڪٽر محبوب شیخ، صدر، سنڌ ویزن) 17.3.20
سنڌ ویزن ھڪ رجسٽرڊ ٿنڪ ٽینڪ آھی۔
سنڌ جی اجتماعی مسئلن کی ، وفاقی ۽ صوبائی حڪومتن تائین پھچائڻ، اسان جو بنیادی ڪم آھی ۔ ڪانفرنس، سیمینار ڪرائی، ماھرن جی مشورن تی مشتمل پیپر۽ ڪتابچا ٺھرائی متعلق ادارن تائین پھچائڻ جو ڪم ب اسان گذریل ٽن سالن کان ڪیون پیا۔
پر ۔۔۔۔ان سان گڏوگڏ ،مسڪینن کی ب ن وساریو آھی۔
لاڪ ڊائون جی موجودھ صورتحال کی سامھون رکی، سنڌ ویزن پاران ، راشن پھچائڻ جو سلسلو شروع ڪیو ویو، جنھن ۾ اسان جی لائیف میمبرن ۽ دوستن ،اجتماعی ۽ انفرادی طور ڀرپور حصو ورتو۔ پالیسی تحت، اسان تصویروں یا وڊیو، ڪٿی ب ن رکیو ن آھن ۔ شل رب سائین ، قبول ڪری ۔ (ڊاڪٽر محبوب شیخ، صدر سنڌ ویزن)26.4.20
سنڌ ویزن جی ھڪ پر وقار تقریب ، اڄُ آرٽس ڪائونسل ڪراچئ ۾ ٿی، جنھن ۾ نئین منتخب ڪیل قیادت، آئندہ ٻن سالن لائ ، پنھنجو حلف ڪیو۔
نئین سینٽرل ایگزیڪیٽو ڪامیٽی ، مختلف پیشن سان تعلق رکندڙ ماھرن جو ھڪ خوبصورت گلدستو آھی ،
جنھن ۾ 3 پروفیسر، 2 انجنیئر،2 ڊاڪٽر، , 2 آبادڪار، 1 سابق سفارتڪار، 1 سابق ڪامورو آھی۔
نئین تنظیم جا میمبر سنڌ جی مختلف شھرن سان تعلق رکن ٿا: صدر ڪراچی، نائب صدر حیدرآباد، سیڪریٽری جنرل میھڙ، فنانس سیڪریٽری شڪارپور، جوائنٽ سیڪریٽری حیدرآباد، انفارمیشن سیڪریٽری ڪراچی۔ میمبرن جو تعلق: اسلام آباد، حیدرآباد، بدین، میرپورخاص ، دادو سان أھی ۔
تقریب حلف بردارئ سان گڏوگڏ ، اھیا اسان جی پھرین جنرل باڊی ب ھئی، جنھن ۾ سابق عھدیدارن تنظیم جی ٺھڻ کان وٺی ھن مھل تائین جو احوال پیش ڪیو،نئین صدر آئندہ جی پروگرام
کان آگاھ ڪیو، تقریب جی شروع ٿیڻ کان اڳ ، CEC جو اجلاس ب ٿیو۔ ڊاڪٽر محبوب شیخ ، صدر،15.12.19.