Our Vision:

The Sindh Vision is focused on generating knowledge capital as a credible Think Tank and Advocacy group. It is comprised of a galaxy of professionals from public and private sectors including Scholars, Ambassadors, Civil Servants, Engineers Doctors, Lawyers, Bankers and social activists.

This group is bound together by the love of Sindh and Sindhis, and motivated by the spirit of leaving a well-knit, developed and prosperous land for the posterity. The Sindh Vision members feel privileged to be part of the conscious sons and daughters of the province who, imbued with missionary zeal and zest, want to make a humble contribution to the amelioration of the living conditions of their brothers and sisters.

The Sindh Vision reckons with the burning issues confronting the country, and more specifically Sindh. Having done so, the SV organizes a series of internal and public debates on the issues engaging experts of the respective field as well as social and political activists, to understand the issues from different perspectives, and finally comes up with tenable solutions.