Performance Report of Sindh Vision (2020-21)

PERFORMANCE REPORT of Sindh Vision (2020-21)

The oath taking ceremony of 1st elected body( CEC) of SV
was held on 15.12.19, at Arts Council Karachi.
Unfortunately, due to COVID, strict restrictions were imposed on meetings and conferences, right from the beginning of 2020.
Nevertheless, we tried our best to work and deliver as a Think Tank and do some social work & philanthropy.

The details are as under:

  1. AIDS awareness pamphlets were printed and distributed, because of some cases were reported in some districts
  2. Face Masks were got prepared and distributed throughout Sindh
  3. During Floods, ration bags were distributed in flood affected areas of Sukkur, Dadu , Hyderabad & Thatta
  4. On 17.5.20, a truckload of ration was sent to far flung island “ kharo chan” on boats and on 14.8.20, ration was distributed in kacho (johi).
  5. A group of like minded organisations formed “ Indus coordination council “ on 14.8.20. The aim was to put pressure on the concerned Departments for redressal of the public grievances
  6. To take a joint stand on PIDA ( Pakistan Islands Development Authority), Participated in a conference at Hotel Sarwan, Karachi. It was a well attended conference, organised by Fishermen Folks Society on 3.10.20.
  7. A virtual conference on Higher Education was organised on 27.2.21. Original Papers were read by renowned educationists & intellectuals from Pakistan and abroad, followed by a Q/A session. The conference remained in session for about 5 hours.
  8. The papers read in the conference were published in a book form “ Challenges and opportunities in Higher Education and the way forward for youth”. 2 copies of this book were gifted to every university, HEC & Edu Dept GoS
  9. On a call of Sindh Action Committee, senior leadership of SV, participated in a huge protest, at Governor’s House, against PIDA (5.12.20).
  10. Book launching ceremony of our Book on Higher Education , in Houston, USA, organised by Life Members of SV.
  11. SV chapter Houston, participated in a protest at Council General office about demographic threats in Sindh
  12. Visited village Salar jokhio ( Dhabeji), and offered condolences with the family of Shaheed Nazim jokhio on behalf of SV.
  13. On 28.2.20, handed over a Letter to Mr Shafqat Mehmood , Fed Edu Minister, expressing our concern about Single National Curriculum ( SNC) and requesting him to form a “ National Language Commission , having experts of Punjabi, Sindhi, Pushtu and Balochi languages, for promotion, protection & declaring above Four provincial languages as National Languages along with Urdu.
  14. The President, addressed a conference about the students movement of 4.3.67 at Arts Council Karachi.
  15. On 5.4.20, the president addressed a consultative dialogue on education, organised by GoS and presented recommendations to improve college education.
  16. SV delegation Participated in a conference jointly organised with SGA about the issuance of Fake Domiciles & PRCs at Hotel Mehran, Karachi, 1.6.20
  17. SV delegation Participated in protest against illegal land grabbing by Bahria Town( 6.6.21)
  18. Organised the 1st Annual General Body meeting of Life Members on 18.9.21 .To facilitate the smooth running of SV, made certain changes in the bylaws and added some paras in the constitution
  19. Organised the 1st health awareness seminar about Bones & related issues at Hotel Regent Plaza, 18.9.21
  20. On 5.6.21, the President participated in a live talk organised by Indus Media Network, Canada
  21. On 21.2.21, the President, delivered the speech on universal day of Mother Tongue, at Arts Council Karachi
  22. Website of SV launched on 7.2.21:
  23. During last 2 years, President along with some office bearers and LMs attended about 16 hearings at SHC in a case filed by khuaja Izhar ul Haq.
  24. The number of LMs have increased from 62 to 113.
  25.  No of followers have almost doubled and crossed 130,000.
  26. To keep the people updated and well informed, about 500 posts have been placed on SV FB page by CEC members.
  27. Strict financial discipline was maintained and NOT a single rupee was withdrawn from SV a/c. All the expenses were borne by senior leadership of SV.
  28. The President addressed a conference on education, organised by “Sindh Sartiyon“ at Lyari university, on 28.1.20.
  29. On important and urgent issues, President wrote about a dozen Letters to PM, CM, EM and other dignitaries

Dr Ghulam Hussain Shaikh
General Secretary,
Sindh Vision
Dated: 8.1.22.