Press Statement

The representatives of “Sindh Coordination Council”, namely :
Sindh Vision (SV),
National Reformers Forum (NRF),
Servants of Sindh society (SSS),
Sindh Graduates Association (SGA),
Sindh Democratic Forum (SDF),
Sindh Social Scientists Forum (SSSF)
Sindhi Adabi Sangat (SAS)
held a meeting on 20th April, 2022, in Karachi. After a threadbare discussion, issued the following statement.

The two Agreements signed between PPP/ MQM(P) and PML(N) / MQM(P) on 30.3.1922 at Islamabad, violate the constitution, the rule of law, the 1940 Pakistan Resolution and Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The Federal Govt’s expected support for the projects like circular railway, K-IV water pipeline, coastal areas development, uninterrupted supply of gas and electricity and establishment of some public sector universities mentioned in these agreements are just peanuts as compared to the tax collected from the province of Sindh . Majority of clauses of these agreements are based on hatred against the native Sindhis. So much so PPP and MQM have agreed to divide Sindh like a cake, distributing jobs, administrative posts and development funds among themselves.

Unfortunately, the two agreements , directly and indirectly have recognised the MQM(P) as the sole representative party of urban Sindh, totally ignoring the majority of the people(60%) speaking other languages, having different cultures and living here since many years. The fact is that, MQM represents some constituencies mainly in Karachi and Hyderabad. The constitution of Pakistan only gives mandate to the majority party or the alliance of two or more parties proving majority in the assembly.

The citizens of Sindh have not forgotten that in the NRO given by Mushraf regime caused the withdrawal of hundreds of cases against the criminals bypassing the laws of the land and courts . The so called “charter of rights “ has provided the material base to paralyze the political, administrative, economic and social system in Sindh. PML(N) in clause 17 of the agreement has pledged to divide Sindh in the name of creating administrative units in the country. The people of Sindh are of the firm opinion that special privileges and power to an ethnic party which represents only 18 percent of the total population of Sindh will control politics, economics and social life of the citizen of Sindh. Under clause (10), PML(N) has violated the constitution and Laws by pledging the withdrawal of cases against the criminals , intentionally ignoring the laid down procedure of courts. In the name of the autonomous local body system, MQM wants province within the province of Sindh (like state within state). We feel that, in the name of “local policing “ , the workers of a particular ethnic party will be inducted, who will control the entire police system of Karachi and Hyderabad. We should not forget that after huge loss of life and property, conflicts within various nationalities have subsidized and peace has returned to Karachi and other urban areas. We are of the firm opinion that these two agreements, if implemented, may again flare-up hatred and conflicts in major cities, damaging the governance and economic development of Sindh.

We the following representatives of the civil society condemn these agreements and demand from PPP and PML (N), being federal political parties to withdraw from these agreements and allow the constitution and the rule of law to provide fairness, rights and natural justice to every legitimate citizen living in Sindh.

  1. Dr Mehboob Shaikh, President Sindh Vision (in chair)
  2. Prof Mushtaq Mirani , President SDF
  3. Ishaq Soomro, Secretary (SSSF)
  4. Wali Muhamad Roshan, GS, (SGA)
  5. Prof Taj joyo, Gen Secretary (SAS)
  6. Prof Aijaz A Qureishi (SSS) & General Secretary of Sindh Coordination Council.

Dr Ghulam Hussain Shaikh
GS Sindh Vision